Maricopa Real Estate

Marketing Overview & Consultation

Today’s real estate technology is incredibly effective at aiding buyers and sellers through their property journey. However, traditional approaches to pricing a home—namely, the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)—have not kept pace with these advancements.

Utilizing a CMA in isolation has proven detrimental to maximizing a home’s sale price. Shockingly, the national average list-to-sale price ratio stands at about 90%, resulting in a loss of nearly 10% off the asking price for most sellers.

Why? The CMA’s narrow focus on a small set of comparable homes fails to account for a myriad of factors that could affect a home’s actual value. Whether it’s condition, foreclosure status, staging, or even local economic conditions, these elements often go unconsidered, potentially skewing your home’s market value and causing you to forfeit valuable equity.

Our Differentiated Pricing Approach

We revolutionize how list prices are determined by adopting a multi-dimensional strategy. We start with an analysis of the broader housing market, scrutinizing current interest rates, financing availability, and the overall home inventory in Pinal County. Then, we evaluate the local market trends, observing buyer demand fluctuations across different price ranges. Finally, we zoom in on homes comparable to yours, considering all relevant variables. This holistic methodology ensures we set an accurate, competitive price for your property, designed to yield the highest possible return.

Drop your email address and any updates that you’ve done to your home since you purchased it, and we will respond within 24 hours with a valuation range of what we think your should be sell for.