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Social Marketing and Network Strategies: Leveraging the Power of Inter-Agency Collaboration and Digital Footprint

Social Marketing and Network Strategies: Leveraging the Power of Inter-Agency Collaboration and Digital Footprint

The Buyer Landscape

In every market, three distinct types of buyers exist:

Local Buyers

Actively scouring neighborhoods, online listings, and local publications.

Out-of-Town Buyers

Predominantly rely on internet searches to find their next home.

Agent-Influenced Buyers

Buyers who work closely with other real estate agents.

The Agent Network

The industry secret? Over 70% of homes are sold through co-op agents, challenging the common belief that only local agents can get your home sold. Recognizing this, we’ve developed a robust system aimed at capturing the attention and cooperation of these critical players.

Our Strategies

Targeting Buyer Specialists

We actively reach out to buyer-specialist agents, ensuring your home gets maximum showings and prime positioning.

Fair Commission

Co-op agents are well-compensated, keeping them motivated to promote your property.

Feedback Loop

We constantly monitor showings, obtaining valuable feedback that helps us refine our selling strategy.

Beyond the Agent

Relying solely on agent-based marketing can cost you valuable time and money. Hence, we amplify our reach through a multi-pronged digital marketing strategy.

Digital Footprint

Social Media

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are not just supplementary tools for us; they are key marketing channels.

Seller’s Feedback Program

Unlike agents who take a ‘set and forget’ approach, we actively gather and analyze data to adapt our strategies for better results.

Continuous Networking Systems

We don’t just wait for buyer agents to find your listing; we make sure they know about it the moment it hits the market.


Real-Time Insights

Receive constant updates on your property's market performance.

Enhanced Showings

Quick adaptations based on real feedback.

Faster Sales Process

A streamlined approach ensures your home doesn’t languish on the market.

Buyer Benefits

Efficient Discovery: Agents can match buyers to their ideal properties faster, thanks to our proactive strategies.

Drop your email address and any updates that you’ve done to your home since you purchased it, and we will respond within 24 hours with a valuation range of what we think your should be sell for.