Maricopa Real Estate

Superior Exposure: Why It Matters for Your Home In Maricopa

The Principle of Standing Out

In an oversaturated market, visibility is currency. This isn't about just 'being seen'; it's about standing out in ways that matter to buyers. At Hollingsworth Realty Group, our principle of "Massive Exposure" goes beyond conventional norms to highlight the unique characteristics that make your home an irresistible buy.

The Shortcomings of Traditional Marketing

Traditionally, many marketing plans in real estate have been restrained by budget limits and an outdated understanding of how the market operates today. The result? A significant underexposure of your property, affecting your chances to get the best offers.

Elevating Exposure through Strategic Investment

Unlike average real estate agents, our substantial sales volume enables us to reinvest a large portion of our income into market-research-proven marketing strategies. What does this mean for you? A multi-faceted, highly targeted campaign aimed to put your home in front of the largest number of qualified buyers, thus maximizing your chances for top-dollar offers.

Strategic Expertise: More than Just Resources

Unparalleled Market Insight
While having the financial muscle to back an expansive marketing strategy is one part of the equation, knowing where and how to deploy these resources is equally crucial. At Hollingsworth Realty Group, our experience and ongoing market research empower us with advanced insights, allowing us to customize an effective marketing campaign for your home.

What Sets Us Apart:

Digital Prowess

90% of buyers start their home search online, browsing through a sea of over 900 million websites. We have mastered the art of positioning your home on the top five real estate websites, including, Yahoo! Real Estate,, Trulia, and Zillow, attracting the most eyes to your listing.

Visual Storytelling

Understanding that the first showing is often virtual, we invest in professional photography to make your home shine online, creating a strong first impression.

Persuasive Copywriting

Our professionally crafted listing descriptions don't just inform; they seduce. We know how to press the emotional and logical buttons that turn casual viewers into interested buyers.

Targeted Marketing

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Our marketing is specifically tailored to target buyers based on variables such as lifestyle, occupation, family needs, schooling options, and safety considerations.

Data-Driven Reporting

With our state-of-the-art tracking systems, we don't just accumulate leads; we analyze them. You'll receive structured, meaningful reports that allow you to understand the performance of your listing in real-time.

Leading Edge Internet Technology: Navigating the Digital Frontier

The Digital Dilemma

In today’s world, the vast majority of U.S. households are online, turning the internet into the go-to source for home buyers. While this offers unprecedented access to listings, it also creates a maze of countless real estate websites competing for user attention. Unfortunately, many agents lack the savvy or the resources to capitalize on this digital shift effectively.

Our Proactive Solution

At Hollingsworth Realty Group, we’re several steps ahead. We’ve formed strategic partnerships with the industry’s most effective platforms, each uniquely positioned to capture diverse segments of the buyer market and drive them to our listings.


Exclusive Portal

Our proprietary website,, isn't just a listing service. It's a robust platform offering market data, informative reports, and other valuable resources, carefully curated to attract and identify potential buyers for your home.

Global Exposure

With syndication to hundreds of websites, we ensure your home enjoys global visibility.

Captivating Content

High-resolution photography and persuasive copy make your listing impossible to ignore, making the right impression on the right audience.


Trusted Resource

Our platforms are recognized as invaluable sources of information, giving buyers the details they desire without the pressure of direct agent interaction.

Efficient Searches

Our user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive listings allow buyers to get the information they need, streamlining their search and allowing for educated decisions.


Comprehensive Advertising Solutions: Beyond the Signpost

Traditional Print Advertising

The Challenge

Brochures and signs cater to those who drive past homes, but what about the multitude of prospective buyers who never make that drive? A significant number of these individuals rely on high-quality print media to guide their home-buying journey.

Our Strategy

We understand the enduring impact of print advertising, particularly in esteemed publications. That's why we feature your home in the Real Estate Book, elevating its presence and ensuring it's top-of-mind for discerning buyers.

24-Hour Hotline & Instant Texting Features

The Reality

Studies reveal that 52% of home buyers will drive by a property they find appealing online. Additionally, 42% cruise through neighborhoods they're interested in. The last thing they should encounter is an empty brochure box—this is a missed opportunity for sellers.

Our Innovative Response

The moment we launch your property's advertising campaign, we activate our comprehensive response mechanism. Here's how it works:

Instant Follow-Up:
Should they call the toll-free number to listen to this message, we capture their contact details. A dedicated specialist from our team returns their call within a rapid 5-minute window.

Instant Texting Feature:
In our fast-paced world, instant information is a boon. That's why we've introduced a texting feature allowing potential buyers to receive immediate access to your home's photos. All they have to do is text a specific code, and they are instantaneously plugged into our system.

Agile and Effective Lead Conversion: A Cut Above the Rest

The Imperative

In today's digital era, potential buyers are just a click away from a wealth of property information. But what they demand is immediate, detailed insight. Studies confirm that an agent has a mere 15-minute window to respond to an inquiry—failure to meet this standard reduces their chances of doing business by a staggering factor of 21.

Our Proven Approach

Recognizing the nuances of buyer behavior, we've developed unparalleled Immediate Response Systems that engage with prospective buyers in as little as 60 seconds. This dramatically outperforms the industry average response time of 16 hours. We have also invested in the best lead conversion technologies and strategies available, ensuring your home sells rapidly to a well-qualified buyer.

Our System Includes

Instantaneous Response

Our Immediate Response Systems provide live engagement within 5 minutes, 16 hours a day, 7 days a week—yielding a connection rate that's 106 times better than the average agent.

Accountable Sales Team

Our sales force is professionally trained and held to the highest standards of promptness in responding to buyer inquiries.

Strategic Lead Follow-Up

Our systems are optimized for search engine visibility on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, ensuring maximum buyer lead traffic is efficiently managed.

Loyalty Program

We pride ourselves on strong relationships. Over 40% of buyer inquiries come from our existing client base and network, testifying to the strength of our loyalty programs.

Coming Soon Listing Program

This program entices buyers to actively seek your listing even before it officially hits the market.

Seller Benefits

Mass Conversion

Our rapid and effective lead conversion funnels numerous qualified buyers into our client ecosystem.

Expert Coordination

Our lead coordinators maintain constant communication with active buyers, showing them listings that specifically match their needs.

Enhanced Loyalty

Our approach fosters lasting buyer loyalty, resulting in a robust pool of serious prospects for your property.

Drop your email address and any updates that you’ve done to your home since you purchased it, and we will respond within 24 hours with a valuation range of what we think your should be sell for.